CSPro 8.0 is Out!

The latest iteration of CSPro, version 8.0, has been released! Dive into the newest features and enhancements packed into CSPro 8.0.

What’s new with CSPro 8.0

  • Many specification files are now saved in JSON format, which facilitates working with them in other programming languages or when using other tools.
  • In addition to being able to declare numeric and alphanumeric data types in the dictionary, you can now specify four new data types: Audio, Document, Geometry, and Image.
  • A new framework, the Action Invoker, provides a standard way of running actions from CSPro logic, embedded JavaScript, JavaScript executed on web pages, and in JSON format.
  • A new view, questionnaire view, displays the contents of a case and its components (dictionary, forms, question text) in a read-only mode that facilitates reviewing or printing.
  • The introduction of a new version of logic that enhances the ability to work with string literals and newline characters, and positions the syntax of CSPro logic closer to other languages.
  • A new tool, CSCode, is a text editor with support for tabbed editing of documents. The tool also facilitates running JavaScript, editing and validating JSON, designing and testing HTML dialogs, validating specification files, and more.

To get started with CSPro 8.0, be sure to update CSPro, CEntry Android, and CSWeb to the latest version.