Geolocation API Permission and JS Evaluation

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Geolocation API Permission and JS Evaluation

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Dear CSPro Developer Team,
As mentioned in a previous communication, the JS Geolocation API give us a direct and fastest way to get geographic coordinates. Among other things, the Mean Sea Level(MSL) Altitude. Until recently, the CSPro native GPS function doesn't give any MSL heigh.

However, because of permissions, even if Alex helped months ago about passing results from JS to CSPro, we can only use the Geolocation API on Windows Devices. Not because you deactivate JS on Android (what I thought before) but it's a question of permission.
Please can you facilitate us about? ... ermissions
Not only for the Geolocation, but this can be useful for any other Web API requiring secure context/HTTPS.

About the way that Alex taught us months ago, I thing also it become easier to give us a more direct way to include any JS libs as external libs or/and using JS in CSPro logic by using :
a) On Android: ... ge-summary, ... s/jsengine
b) On Windows: ... javascript and ... ew=net-7.0

Thanks in advance,
G.VOLNY, a CSProuser from Haiti, since 2004
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