MUltiple Subscripts

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MUltiple Subscripts

Post by Raiju311996 »

Hi, how can I simplify multiple subcripts in batch editing.


if K4(1) = 1 or K4(2) = 1 or K4(3) = 1 or K4(4) = 1 or K4(5) = 1 or K4(6) = 1 then
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Re: MUltiple Subscripts

Post by Gregory Martin »

There's no direct way to simplify this by specifying multiple occurrences in the check. However, if K4 has only six occurrences, you could write this:
if K4 has 1 then
Or if it has more than six occurrences, but you only want to check the first six, you could write:
if seek(K4 where K4 = 1) in 1:6 then
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