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CSPro on Youtube Channel

Post by khurshid.arshad »

Dear Users,
I hope you are all doing well. I have started my youtube channel recently. The name of the Channel is “Arshad Khurshid”. My aim is to share my knowledge about CSPro and other related/technical stuff.

The first five videos have been uploaded on the following topics:

CSPro: How to Install Wampserver, CSPro and CSWeb server

Tutorial1: Create Login Application in CSPro

Tutorial 2 Work with Excel and External Dictionary

Tutorial 3 Writing CSPro Code and Add External Dictionary

CSPro: User and Configuration Settings

If you can spare some time and comments/share my videos and subscribe my Channel.

Keenly looking forward to your feedback.

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Re: CSPro on Youtube Channel

Post by KAPALA »

Thank You for Your helpful videos. I hope you are going to post other videos soon. I have subscribed
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Re: CSPro on Youtube Channel

Post by jorjie_s »

We really appreciate it, keep it up!
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