Dictionary object

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Dictionary object

Post by htuser » January 20th, 2021, 10:23 am

Dear CSPro Developer Team,
Thanks a lot for new improvements and features, mainly the intelligent and highly dynamic HTML question text and CAPI so do accessing csdb or any sqlite databases with credentials.

The request:
I'm thinking about something like an object for managing dictionary in logic. For example, rather than adding a static dictionary file, CSProusers can :
1.- query the principal dictionary in the csdb file or whatever other lookup dictionary stored in specific csdb field ;
2.- add it as an external dictionary for a specific application using logic: dictionary.add;
3.- using specific logic function that require dictionary such as sync, loadcase etc.
4.- dictionary.remove after logic execution.

When dealing with complexes and several dictionaries, applications are, sometimes slow because of embedded static dictionary files. By implementing this request we'll have CSEntry application that are more dynamic and executing faster.

CSProusers already have long ago and new request such as:
a) Support of roster and multiple questions on screen on Android;
b) Support of polygon layer on Map;
c) Customized dashboard (Map and plot) on CSWeb;
d) Label and pdf on templated reports;
e) dictionary symbol alias;
f) Fill hashmap with sqlquery;
g) Full support of external logic files;

so, this latest request can be wait for theses very important features.

Thanks in advance for considering this request.
G.VOLNY, a CSProuser from Haiti, since 2004

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