Problems with upgrading to 7.6

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Re: Problems with upgrading to 7.6

Post by Anne » April 28th, 2021, 3:25 am

Thanks yet another time, Greg.

Didn't work, so I guess I'll just use my old laptop for the old apps until suddenly one day the issue is magically resolved by itself - or I'm done with all my old apps.. :lol:

(No big deal: My office is filled with old laptops, so I can live with that.. I'll keep you informed if the magic happens..)


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Re: Problems with upgrading to 7.6

Post by Eohmer » June 18th, 2021, 2:09 pm

Hi. I'm having a very similar problem, but not only with old applications, with new ones aswell.

I just downloaded and installed ver 7.6.1 today. Started by making a new dictionary, then generating forms and then I started to play with the new CAPI questions format. I tried to add a photo and it wasn't showing it so I thought I could test it by running the app and see if it would show the photo I added but it just crashes. Tried oppening an old questionnaire and it also crashes. The editor remains open, it just doesn't run the app.

Another thing that I found is that it doesn't save the changes that I make in the CAPI questions. If I try to press the Run button so the save changes dialog appears and be able to save it that way, the editor closes without saving after pressing the save button.

Another interesting thing that I found is that if I add some text in the CAPI questions (it doesn't save), go back to the Dict, make changes, save it and then go back to Forms, the editor crashes without saving the changes made in the CAPI questions.
The editor sometimes crashes just by selecting the CAPI questions tab.
Also, when I opened the old app with the new version, all the text in the CAPI questions tab was gone.

Reading what you guys have already suggested, I made a non-CAPI questionnaire and it ran without an issue.
I tried the 'view("");' code without installing anything else and it worked just fine in the non-CAPI testing app.
I tried the Run as Batch with the non-Capi testing app and it worked fine. I can't do it with the actual app beacuse since I can't run the program it's not creating a .csdb file.
At this point, I followed the instructions to install de Edge browser directly and test it again. The app kept crashing.

I'm attaching a CAPI testing app that I also used to see if you guys can run it.

Is there anything else that I could try to make it work?

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Gregory Martin
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Re: Problems with upgrading to 7.6

Post by Gregory Martin » June 25th, 2021, 12:19 pm

This is all a big mystery. I can open and run your application without issue (though no question text is defined).

We'll update the Edge browser control to the latest version from Microsoft for CSPro 7.7. Hopefully that will address some of these issues.

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Re: Problems with upgrading to 7.6

Post by rishabs » January 27th, 2022, 9:40 am

Great! thanks for sharing.

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