Record/Play Voice with hTML5 and JS

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Record/Play Voice with hTML5 and JS

Post by htuser » August 16th, 2018, 11:13 am

Dear Cspro Developer Team,
I would like to know if there's no way to open Cspro to javascript and HTML5. Among CAPI software (ODK1, Epiinfo, Formhub, Survey Solutions, Blaise etc) Cspro have the most powerful logic programming language. However, as Josh explained months ago, Javascript is far more powerful than Cspro Logic. Also, this language have strong communities and severals existing libraries, codes for, almost, all requiring.

Months ago, Greg also informed that they will overhaul CAPI/Form system to support HTML.

So, i think, if Cspro support JS and HTML5, users can use existing algorithms such as: ... ordmp3-js/

And perform voice recording, playing during interview.
What do you think about?

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