Wi-Fi P2P connection

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Wi-Fi P2P connection

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Is there any plan to add a transmission option using a Wi-Fi P2P connection? like Bluetooth but use wifi between 2 devices.

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Re: Wi-Fi P2P connection

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Hi Enkhbayar,

While we recognize wifi would be much faster than BT, we unfortunately don't have the staffing resources at this time to pursue it.

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Re: Wi-Fi P2P connection

Post by htuser »

Dear All,
I was thinking about this weeks ago. I don't think it should be so difficult to be implemented (in CSPro Logic) since demos are available for :
a) Android: https://developer.android.com/guide/top ... ty/wifip2p;
b) Windows: https://github.com/microsoft/Windows-un ... WiFiDirect;

I'm waiting for support of JS as external libs (in the Global Proc as any external logic files) in CSPro to play with this JS implementation of WifiP2P
https://github.com/microsoft/windows-un ... WiFiDirect
in CSPro and see if i can implement it. At least for transfering basic files.

And, i will be happy to share results with the CSProuser community!

G.VOLNY, a CSProuser from Haiti, since 2004
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