flexible sync_universe in syncdata

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flexible sync_universe in syncdata

Post by AriSilva »

Hi folks,
I have a need to download some questionnaires from the server, using syncdata(get, ...), filtering the questionnaires by a filter logical expression involving some elements of the questionnaire key, instead of the contents of the key itself.
An example:
On our surveys, we have supervisors and interviewers, both identified by a unique id, such as the SSN.
On our surveys, the questionnaire key contains, besides the geographical identification, the interviewer_id, as the last part of the key, and let us name it INTER_ID.
There is a 1-n relationship between supervisors and interviewers.
In order for the supervisor to have access to the questionnaires belonging to their interviewers, we would like to use a logical expression in the syncdata filtering all the questionnaires with
INTER_ID in id_1, id_2, id_3..., idn
where id_1 would be an element of an array or a list.
Or that the sync_universe expression checked the contents of a list, similar to
b = list.seek(INTER_ID)
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Re: flexible sync_universe in syncdata

Post by sherrell »

Hi Ari,

Yes, we agree that would have great utility...however, it's not on the books for an immediate/near-term implementation. We will definitely keep this on our radar tho, as it's something we've also recognized the utility for.

Thanks again,
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Re: flexible sync_universe in syncdata

Post by htuser »

We can easily understand that you're a small team so, you can't implement all CSProusers request.
However i asked the same thing as Ari 3 years ago and Greg imaginated something like this,

Code: Select all

syncdata(PUT, SURVEY_DICT where PROVINCE = 1 and partial = 0);
that combines CSPro and SQL...

We're very patient to wait for implementations of important features. But sometimes, when
the CSPro Developer Team give us them, they are implemented in a CSPro App developer unfriendly manner...
For example, multiple questions by screen on Android implemented through block... Until now we can't have real multiple questions
on Android because of the incoherence execution of CSPro logic inside block...

Hope we can have exactly what Greg thought 3 years ago about flexible sync_universe!
Thanks in advance,
G.VOLNY, a CSProuser from Haiti, since 2004
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