Household and EA assignement in CSPro

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Household and EA assignement in CSPro

Post by diabate »

I would be pleased to have a module or any tool for assignements of EA and households to teams and/or anumerators / interviwers ?
such logic or module will be helpfull for many devloppers. Personnally, i do it manually, but it's not so easy
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Re: Household and EA assignement in CSPro

Post by htuser »

Hi Diabate,
I think the CSPro Logic is powerful enough in implementing such a feature. In the past, i implemented something like this.
Last year, i upgraded it to include dynamic vector mapping, geofence and i would like to share it as a "ready to use" lib when this will be possible
in CSPro logic.

I think that, when CSPro logic support dictionary symbol that are unknown until the runtime or allow defining alias in logic for any dictionary symbol, this in forms, records, items and user defined functions, it will be possible to implement theses "ready to use" libraries. This will facilitate lot of things to CSProusers like you.

Best Regards
G.VOLNY, a CSProuser from Haiti, since 2004
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