CSPro user defined packages

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CSPro user defined packages

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Dear CSPro Developer Team,
I know i'm the CSProuser who request you more ;) ... But this post doesn't have any new request... :)
As already mentioned in previous posts and mails, one of my ultimate dream for CSPro is to write standard "ready to use" packages and shared some of them on the forum... In a way similar to any packages management system. This would facilitate CSPro users a lot. Right now, it miss three features for a such realization:

1.- User defined CSPro Object;
However, if we can have support of Javascript Libraries as external logic files and call them in logic (as the missing part of the CSPro-JS API: calling any JS function inside CSPro Logic)*, even if we don't have user defined object in CSPro logic, we can bypass this using JS object such as

Code: Select all

CSProAuth = {};
CSProAuth.UserAuth = function userAuthen(user) {
	var UserAccess=CSPro.runLogic(`ListUser(${user});`); 
	return UserAccess;
2.-Using dictionary symbol that are unknown at the compile time or dictionary symbol alias in logic not only for the GLOBAL PROC, but for any CSPro Native functions, Records, Items and User Defined Functions...** ;
The most important and, a years ago request...

3.- Export/Import mechanism for CSPro Logic user defined functions or objects;
Can be bypassed with JS object...

If we have this, we'll have a more open and powerful CSPro and request far less from you.
Thanks in advance,

* Thanks to Alex for the workaround he taught us months ago for this. But, we need a more direct way in the JS-CSPro API.
** Right now, you give a way to define alias in dictionary items, records, but not in logic.
G.VOLNY, a CSProuser from Haiti, since 2004
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