Sync, crash test log and more to paradata

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Sync, crash test log and more to paradata

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Dear CSPro Developer Team,
Hope this mail find you fine and thinking how to implement innovative features to the next cut.
I think it would be better for us to have
a) Sync log, crash test log also the result of tracing recorded in the paradata database. We can also continue to have them in text because it's more easy to send text files to you for diagnosis.
Having them in a centralized database will facilitate us analyzing them. About centralized DB, thanks for allowing us to sync paradata to CSWeb. But, please give us an option to sync them to MySQL instead. The actual sync way create multiples files to CSWeb and you didn't allow paradata tools (viewer and concatenator) to download/sync them as a single or centralized cslog database.

b) For Android devices, can you allow us to have more data recorded in paradata?
The Android sensor framework can allow us to record temperature, ambient light level, ambient air pressure, relative ambient humidity in percent (%), please can we have theses in paradata?
Among others, better understanding between ambient environment and data quality.

Thanks in advance!
G.VOLNY, a CSProuser from Haiti, since 2004
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