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Data Viewer as a Web Application

Posted: August 27th, 2021, 4:31 am
by htuser
Dear CSPro Developer Team,
Thanks a lot for implementing cutting edge technologies in CSPro, mainly the latest Javascript-CSPro Logic interface.
However, anticipating CAWI, that i hope will be bring to us more early, i would like to see DataViewer as the first CSPro Web tools.
Even if some intermediate users can output nice HTML or PDF questionnaire and don't need Dataviewer for. Right now this task is very time consuming.
Also, most users always rely on Dataviewer. So, since:
  • a) Dataviewer is written in C# and Microsoft implement blazor for porting C# applications to the Web using, among other Blazor WebAssembly, so this
    could be not a very difficult task for the CSPro Developer Team;
    b) There's a local browser running version of SQLite (, even a persistent version
    c) HTML and CSS of the Dataviewer web can be easily customized (for example hide PII (Personaly Identifiable Information) as manies legislations
    obliged this), changed by intermediate users ;
    d) In CSPro 7.7, a local web server will be created when using the view function to display HTML, so can host local webassembly libraries;
    e) A Web Dataviewer will allow easy sharing of filled questionnaires;
    f) A Web Dataviewer will allow easy conversion to PDF format;
i think this is welcome by the whole CSProuser community.
Thanks in advance,