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Cleaning the csdb in the server

Posted: June 27th, 2021, 8:52 am
by AriSilva
Hi folks,
1. Using the dashboard, it is possible to clean the data, by deleting it, but this also deletes the dictionary, so, you have to add the dictionary again. Why not having an option just to clean the data WITHOUT deleting the dictionary?
2. In the program logic, the syncdata command has the options GET and PUT. Why not having another option like CLEAN, to erase the data in the server? The need to have that is the following: I´m using the server to store some control files that can be maintained by myself or the field coordinator, and when uploading those files from different machines, CsPro duplicates the records because they are coming with different UU_IDs, and this forces me to enter the dashboard and delete the files by hand before the uploads.
3. On the other hand, is there a way to syncdata(PUT) disregarding the UUID?
4. Or is there another way to circumvent this problem?

By the way, since I still have two surveys in the field using version 7.5, I did not move to version 7.6 yet, so, I do not know if those issues are already tackled.

Re: Cleaning the csdb in the server

Posted: June 28th, 2021, 3:01 pm
by aaronw
Currently, you do need to delete the dictionary to delete the data. It's something I have wanted to add to the CSWeb. I have never considered adding it to logic.

Part of my deployment process is to write a batch application to upload lookup data to CSWeb. I then copy that CSDB file to each device after the synchronization. That way everyone has the same cases and the CSDB on the tablets appears to be synchronized. This may be a technique you can use to avoid duplicates with your control files.