Salting/Hashing, encryption/decryption Algorithms to CSPro Logic

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Salting/Hashing, encryption/decryption Algorithms to CSPro Logic

Post by htuser » October 7th, 2019, 3:28 pm

Dear CSPro Developer Team,
Following Josh latest post on authentification and some other reading, i change a lot my request.

As you know, either CSdb or CSPro Logic or settings, config db aren't secure to store password since they can be easily read (both in pen file or CSDdb). Right now we're dealing with password to authenticate enumerators access to add and modify data, but soon we will have to deal with password for CSdb encryption who's a very important achievement to avoid unwanted/unauthorized data dissemination.

So, i would like to know if it's possible to port Argon 2 Algorithm from pseudo code or the C implementation to CSPro Logic.

Also, the RSA example from ... pt-string/ is always very important
since it will allow us to deal with other sensitive information such as Social Security Number equivalent asked during census/survey in our country.

Native CSPro logic functions from theses algorithms will be the best way!

In the future when we'll be able to use C/C++ codes in CSPro Logic, this will open an universe of freedom to CSProusers.

Please let me know.
Thanks in advance,
G.VOLNY, a CSProuser from Haiti, since 2004

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