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Polygon object

Posted: June 4th, 2019, 4:36 pm
by htuser
Dear CSPro Developer Team,

As you know, i'm always reading new adding and help at:
So, i'm asking myself if we can have a polygon object : ... lygon.html

or this : ... t-vertices, from shapely.
or planar:

also in CSPro Logic?

a) This will solve a very requested feature : draw polygon (agricultural parcels, by example) in the future mapping module;

b) Ensure enumerator in assigned EA. I already discuss and find a solution. Thanks to Josh (please see: However, after multiples reading, i dont see how to have a visual and dynamic polygon vector on the mapping module, who, until now, doesn't support vector (KML/KMZ) layers.
If vector is supported, i will use existing CSPro logic librairies such as this: ... ping#p9329 posted by Aaron to transform points (geographic coordinates: X and Y) stored in external dict or array to polygon and show it to the CSPro module mapping.

Sorry For anticipation,since the 7.3 Alpha or Beta isn't yet officially released...

Best Regards