Improvement of For Statement and Include C/C++

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Improvement of For Statement and Include C/C++

Post by htuser » March 6th, 2019, 8:52 pm

Dear Cspro Developer Team,
In his actual fashion, The for statement executes one or more statements repeatedly within a loop for each occurrence of a multiply occurring group. The multiple_occurring_group can be a form, roster, record, item, relation. Please can you upgrade it to support list and array so do other non multiply occurring, such as basic numeric?

By doing this, you'll facilitate porting some C/C++ codes to CSPro Logic. If you have a planning to include C/C++ codes in CSPro logic as required, you can deny this request.

Since the CSPro engine is already written in C/C++, i think opening it to C/C++ codes in CSPro logic would help Cspro users to design and share powerful functionalities and features.

Thanks in advance,

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