Cspro Export Data Tools and SQL database

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Cspro Export Data Tools and SQL database

Post by htuser » February 9th, 2019, 12:02 pm

Dear Cspro Developer Team,
Since you already have related classes and methods in the Cspro Export Data Tools and since Greg already worked on MyCspro,
it will be very fine to give both options to Csprousers .
Splitting automatically on the server and allow the Cspro Export Data Tools to export also in SQL database.


A) The Cspro export tools is very flexible since it allow, both:

1.- An option to export one table in the relational database schema (One File/All in One Record /Both Items and Subitems);
2.- An option to export multiples tables in the relational database schema (As separate Records);

After database processing using also Cspro batch application, it will be very easy to update the server database.
And Also, since Josh worked on https://github.com/csprousers/SQLServer2CSpro, we can have another tools:
Rdbms2Cspro (support MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL,MS SQL Server, Oracle ).

B) Cspro batch have some advantages over SQL. So, Csprousers can benefit both power of SQL and Cspro Programming Language for data processing.

So, right now, we can use Cspro batch to process any data stored in SQL database:
a) Create a CSDB file with Rdbms2Cspro;
b) Process data using Cspro Batch application;
c) Reload data to Rdbms using the improved Cspro Export Data Tools;

Thanks in advance!

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