Dataviewer - converting and exporting ordered

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Dataviewer - converting and exporting ordered

Post by AriSilva » July 6th, 2018, 12:23 pm

The dataviewer can show the file as ordered or not, which is very good.
But when exporting to other formats, or converting to dat, for example, even if the file is shown as ordered, the output file is not ordered.
There should be an option to export/convert as ordered.
In the "old times", when reading a dat file CSPRO used to sort it, so, if I need to convert a csdb to a dat, I would expect that the output dat file would be sorted as well.

Gregory Martin
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Re: Dataviewer - converting and exporting ordered

Post by Gregory Martin » July 6th, 2018, 2:29 pm

You can do this in other ways:

1) Simply sort your .csdb file before doing any of these operations.

2) For an Export, add InputOrder=Indexed to the PFF file. For a conversion to text, if you don't care about the notes file or partial save statuses, then you can just create an empty batch application with the Input Data as your file and the Output Data as the text file. That same InputOrder=Indexed will give you the data sorted.

The Data Viewer is simply a viewer, so the viewing options don't carry over the other applications, though I understand that it would be convenient if they did.

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