New dbConnect/dbInsert/dbClose functions

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New dbConnect/dbInsert/dbClose functions

Post by htuser » May 31st, 2018, 7:45 am

Dear Cspro Developer Team,
I know that you're very busy implementing new innovative functions and tools for the next 7.2 version.
As a solution for my very old request to have ability to process data either with Cspro logic/batch, either in relational database, i would like
to know if it's possible to have:
1.- dbConnect function able to open RDBMS using credentials so do some parameters such as database type (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Oracle, MongoDB etc);
2.- dbInsert to insert sqlQuery into opened database with parameters such as multiple query;
3.- dbClose or dbDisconnect able to close this connexion;

Maybe, it will be possible, with the future improved and powerful sqlQuery function to query record, items and insert them into the opened DB under some conditions such as case revision.

Having theses functions rather than a tools will add more power and flexibility to Cspro Users.

Thanks in advance,

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