Paradata to MySQL using JS-CSPro API and Pyscript

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Paradata to MySQL using JS-CSPro API and Pyscript

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Dear CSPro Developer Team,
As mentioned in previous emails, having all paradata in a centralized MySQL database will allow us to perform better analysis of them.
Thanks to a future bidirectional JS-CSPro API* and to Pyscript**. Right now, I don't need the NodeJS workaround to use some important libs since we'll be able to use their Python equivalent Packages in CSPro. So, it will be easier for CSProusers to interact with RDBMS. So, I'm thinking about using Pandas lib to query CSLog and transfer new records to MySQL.

Since there's no user modification, I don't think CSLog has something like a revision (like CSDB)...
It's why I would like to know if there's a way to select only new CSlog records based on timestamp?

You may think that it's not secure to expose the RDBMS password on a client device... The password will be generated using CSPro logic functions. So, CSPro Logic will be used as the server side language...

Please let me know.
Thanks in advance,
* Right now the JS-CSPro API is "one way"... We can call CSPro functions inside JS, but we don't have a direct and easy way to call JS inside CSPro Logic.
** Since there's a full bidirectional API between JS and Python, once we have a bidirectional JS-CSPro API, we'll be able to use also Python in CSPro Logic via Pyscript .
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