PFFrunner does not accept pff for dataentry

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PFFrunner does not accept pff for dataentry

Post by AriSilva » July 28th, 2018, 11:22 am

I ´m using the pffrunner not as a production runner, but as a organized list of tasks I have to do to test programs, and of course, finally, to execute a production runner.
It is a very good tool to help me organize and not forget what I should execute, the inputs,, outputs, parameters, etc. It might be even better if we could attach some comments and notes to each pff/bat, to document them, but...

The problem is that the pff runner does not accept a pff for a dataentry task. But, if you put this pff inside a .bat and add the bat to the pffrunner it works. So, why not accept directly all the pff types in the runner?

The same applies to pp running deploys: it is not accepted directly, you have to write a .bat file to execute it, and then hang it in the runner.

The beauty of the runner, besides being used for the production, it concentrates all my executions in a single place, I do not have to browse through my directories to try to find what I want to execute

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Re: PFFrunner does not accept pff for dataentry

Post by josh » August 6th, 2018, 6:26 am

The production runner currently doesn't support those types of pff files. We will look at adding this in the future.

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