PNC file based Dropbox will stop working in June 2017

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PNC file based Dropbox will stop working in June 2017

Post by josh » April 4th, 2017, 10:18 pm

The Dropbox data synchronization in versions 6.0-6.3 of CSPro uses an application programming interface that Dropbox is no longer supporting. Dropbox will be shutting down this service in June 2017 which means that you will be no longer able to use Dropbox synchronization starting in June. ... eprecated/

We have begun using the new supported Dropbox service in CSPro version 7. This is only supported using the new synchronization options dialog or with the sync logic functions (synconnect, syncfile). The pnc file based synchronization with Dropox in version 6.3 still uses the old service and will stop working in June. This means that if you currently use Dropbox pnc based file synchronization in your CSPro applications you will need to switch to CSPro 7 and the new sync functions or to FTP based sync.

For details on the new version 7 synchronization see "Synchronization Overview" in the help: ... ation.html

The easiest way to use the new Dropbox sync is to use the synchronization options dialog in CSPro designer: ... imple.html

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