How to use Area Names File (.ANM) with data export?

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How to use Area Names File (.ANM) with data export?

Postby » July 10th, 2018, 10:37 pm

Hi all,
I have a Area Names File (.ANM) which is used for multiple dictionaries. I want to export data then match province and district codes with the Area Names. I am not sure how to use CSPro tools to export this .ANM file to more readable format? What I've done is cleaning up this file in text editor..Is there other efficient ways in CSPro to do this? Please advise.

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Re: How to use Area Names File (.ANM) with data export?

Postby josh » July 16th, 2018, 1:48 am

There isn't a way in CSPro to export the area names file. It is meant for use within CSPro for tabulation. Usually folks are going the other way - creating a an area names file from an Excel spreadsheet that usually comes from a GIS database. If you remove the top part of the area names file (everything up through [Areas]) so that you just have part with the codes and names and you drag and drop that file into Excel it should put each code into a different column which should be fairly easy to work with.

If you can program Java, I recently wrote a parser in Java for area names files for another project. You can find it here: ... I have only tested it on one or two files so it may still have some bugs to work out.

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