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Next run of eLearning Course

Postby CathyGarlick » August 27th, 2014, 10:40 am

Data Management Using CSPro
The next run of this 5-week e-learning course is scheduled to run from 3rd November to 5th December 2014.

During this 5-week course, participants will learn how to create the data dictionary, data entry screen and how to program checks and skips. The course then considers the data validation tools available including data comparisons and simple frequency tables. Finally, we show how data is stored in the system and how it can easily be exported for transfer to statistics packages such as SAS, SPSS and STATA as well as to Excel.

The course is very practical consisting of demonstrations, interactive videos, practical exercises and online tests. A forum will be available for peer-to-peer and weekly student-to-tutor interaction to encourage learning and share problems and solutions. There will be 10 topics and participants would generally be expected to work through two topics each week on average. Time needed to work through each topic will vary by participant and by topic but we would anticipate 3 to 4 hours per topic on average.

Those of you who have not taken one of our online courses before will be required to complete a short (2 hour) orientation course to familiarise yourselves with the eLearning environment.

This is an introductory course aimed at researchers, demographers, data managers and others who are considering using CSPro to implement survey data management systems. No previous experience of CSPro is required but participants are assumed to be comfortable with Windows based software.

Learning Objectives

During the course, you will gain:

An understanding of data structures - you will be able to design your own data entry applications in the future
An introduction to logic programming
An appreciation of the steps involved in ensuring data quality

Course Syllabus

Topic 1: Data Structures and Data Types
Topic 2: The Data Dictionary
Topic 3: Data Entry Screens
Topic 4: Logic programming for automatic skips and checks
Topic 5: Data entry options
Topic 6: CSPro files
Topic 7: Data validation
Topic 8: Dealing with dates
Topic 9: Frequency tables
Topic 10: Exporting data

The cost of the course is 325 GBP per person - to apply please go to our e-learning site at or to our website at

Cathy Garlick
Data Management Consultant
Statistical Services Centre
University of Reading, UK

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