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Cspro 6.3.2

Postby Ottykev » December 21st, 2018, 11:48 pm

Hi All,

I have an application scripted using version 6.3.2 and would want it to be deployed via ftp as that is what we are using. The aplication is already compiled and runs well on 6.3.2 installed on my laptop,how can I get this done on android tabkets owing to the new csentry update...7.1.3.

Also,the application uses bluetooth sync between the Supervisor and Interviewer,I want this disabled and only allow ftp sync....what is the best turn around to this?

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Re: Cspro 6.3.2

Postby josh » December 24th, 2018, 9:48 am

Look at the topic "Synchronization Overview" in the help for details on how to synchronize data in version 7+. Rather than using a .pnc file as in version 6 you can either use the synchronization options dialog (Options menu-->Synchronization) for basic sync or for more complicated scenarios you can use the sync functions in logic from a menu application. More details on both are available in the help.

To deploy your application to an FTP server use the Deploy Applications tool from the Tools menu.

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