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showarray - Android

Postby disala » May 16th, 2018, 6:07 am

Dear all

I am conducting a server with android tablets, CSEntry version 7.0.2 (29 Jun 2017). The survey program went fine 3 months and suddenly stops show list which I generated with the “showarray” function.
I realized some enumerators upgraded the CSEntry to Version 7.1.0 (15 Mar 2018). After that point my application stops. I manage to solve the issue by downgrading the CSEntry application on Tablets

I found following differences

version 7.0.2 Format:
i = showarray(array-name, [row-count], [column-count], [title(text-list)]);

in the site ... ction.html, it tells format is (I guess 7.1.0)
i = showarray(『heading,』array_name『,row_count』『,column_count』『,title(text_list)』);

When comparing both “heading” is new addition.
I need to understand this situation and do modification to the program

With thanks

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Gregory Martin
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Re: showarray - Android

Postby Gregory Martin » May 16th, 2018, 10:38 am

You are right about the problem. It was introduced during the addition of the "heading" feature. If you regenerated your .pen file using CSPro 7.1, it would work. The error existed if you used a .pen file generated using CSPro 7.0 on a device running CSPro 7.1.

Thank you for the detailed report. We fixed the problem, which will go out in CSPro 7.1.2, which will come out shortly.

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